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April 2007  - Volume I

            At the Skyhawk Invitational Track Meet, I had the pleasure of meeting Rick Wilson,
      Development Director of Athletics South Australia.  He brought the Australia Select Team
      to Southern Nevada to visit & compete.  He came over to talk to me because he has a
      daughter that is a pole vaulter that was not able to make the trip, but asked him to say hi
      to all the vaulters for her.  Well I told him about our Club & web site, and he said he
      would be sure to tell his daughter about us. Well, she checked out our web site and left us
      a post on our Guest Book.  I emailed her and asked if she would be interested in writing
      something for one of our newsletters, and she sent me this email:

Sally Wilson

             I would love to write a newsletter for you guys but I have no idea what to write.  But I will tell
      you a bit about our training sessions and other stuff. I train 4 nights a week for ATHS.  One for
     running sprints and some long runs for endurance, two pole vault sessions, mostly pole runs and
     vaulting over soft and hard bar towards the end of the season into the pit. I train from 4-6pm on
     Tuesday nights and on Sundays 10am-12pm, but it usually ends up being 10:30am, I can't get up
     very early in the mornings. And I should tell you; the term pit and pole are not foreign to me.  We
     call them bags and sticks because we are just lazy some times.  The other night is in my old gymnastics
     hall.  It is in a 20-week block.  I got Dad to pull a few strings to get me and my mates to have one
     session a week in there.  We workout on the ropes, tramp, bars and we all try a bit of tumbling.  We
     do have a set amount of skills that our coaches help us to perfect, well improve, but we all end up
     competing with each other to see who can get to the top of the rope with out feet.  Believe me, it's hard.
     I also training one night a week for Lacrosse.  I love it!  My club is the Brighton Bombers, YEAH!
     We play a game every Saturday during winter.  I play two games because I am also a part of the B Grade
     side.  I am the youngest player in my team.  We lost the grade final last year by 4 goals, such a good game!

           Our competitions sound very similar to yours, but because we only have two or three pole vault pits
      scattered around SA (South Australia).  The competitions are just the same people you train with, so are
      all very good friends. Every Saturday we have an 'interclub meet' where all the clubs from around the state
      come and compete to improve their PB's (personal best).

           There are two main comps during the summer, PowerAde Games, and the State Championships.  I say
      main events because they give out medals in these ones. 'PowerAde Games' is the main schools event where
      good athletes from around the state can enter and compete in chosen events. To get this far, you must have
      either won or done well in your event at the interschool competition for you district.  I am in South West. 
      I can't remember the rest of the names. From this event, if you win, you are chosen for the Nationals and
      represent South Australia, which is held in Sydney Olympic Park each year in December, Thatís summer
      over here.  Nationals is easy for us because there are only 7 states, relays are run in one race.  I have to ask,
      how are relays run at your nationals if there are 52 states? (I hope I got that right) are there heaps of races?
      Does it take forever? At Nationals, we stay in a hotel about a 2-minute walk from the track, which is really
      handy if you forget something.  To make it to Nationals, if you don't win your event at PowerAde, you still
      have until State Champs, three months to qualify, which is very hard sometimes. For my age group the Pole
      Vault qualifying is 2.70m.  Iím not sure how many feet that is.

            School is very much the same over here although we start at 9 o'clock and finish at 3:10, but others
      schools can be a bit different.  We go to 'Primary School' from reception (kindergarten) to yr7.  In other
      states you finish Primary school in yr6 and then on to 'High School' from yr8- yr12.  After that you can chose
      to go to University for up to 4-5 yrs depending on which course you chose.  I am still a little fussy on how the
      subjects at Uni are run.  I really want to get into Sports Journalism and Photography, which is a 2 or 3yr
      course. But can you please tell me how 'college' works over there.  I don't understand the dorm rooms.  Uni
      here is just like school.  You live at home or either buy your own apartment or live with friends or Relatives if
      your Uni is far from home.

                 oxox Sally
                P.S. Sorry it's so long, hope you didn't get bored
                And please give this address to your athletes, I want to make friends with American pole vaulters!
                I also thought I should add that I use to train with Dimitri Markov before he retired and once did a
                training session with Viktor Chistiakov.  Just wanted to brag.  hehe


For more information on Sallyís Club click on the link below:

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