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Pure Sky Newsletter

 January 2007 - Volume II       


ďMy First of ManyĒ

By Coach Ky Edwards 

Hi everyone, well we just got back from Summit this past weekend and Iíll tell you it was an amazing experience.
   I think all of us had a wonderful time and got to know each other a little better.  It was a busy few days and I for one,
  along with everyone else, was worn out.  But, the information gained, the atmosphere that surrounded us, and the thousands
  of vault freaks everywhere was well worth it.

If you donít really know about the Summit then Iíll give you a brief description of what went on.  On Thursday we
  arrived, checked into our hotel rooms and got a bite to eat at the barren Chevyís.  Our service was so slow you would have
  thought there was a waiting line an hour long.  Then, it was time for bed to rest our sleepy heads from the long drive.  Friday
  morning came pretty fast as everyone scrambled to get up, get a bite, and make it to the opening ceremonies by 9AM.  The
  rest of the day was pretty much a rush too.  The vaulters went to clinics with their ability level groups, and coaches went to
  learn some new drills and get some great coaching tips.  The coaches sat through many wonderful hours of lecture from some
  of the greatest minds in the vault today.  Although many hours of lectures probably sounds boring to most, this was incredible
  and the day went by so fast that I barely had time to eat before the great event that night.  This event was the most energizing,
  most absolutely amazing show on Earth. Yeah, I know your thinking that it sounds like the circus, but this was better than that,
  it was the SuperStars of the U.S. vaulting to some exciting, heart thumping music one after the other after the other...  To give
  you a mental picture, there were two runways, one for men and one for the women.  They were placed running toward the
  audience in an X.  It was incredible, a male would jump going from left to right on the menís runway and then a female would
  jump coming right to left, and this kept on for a couple of hours.  The energy and excitement was amazing to say the least. 
  The SuperStars were getting into the excitement and there was just a great energy and feeling that you donít get many places.
  It was like a rock concert with vaulting.  It was INCREDIBLE!

Saturday was just as busy as there were vaulting competitions from 8AM until 9PM.  It was busy and the Pure Sky
  vaulters and coaches did a wonderful job of trying to keep everything in order.  I believe our club made a real good showing
  and our guys and gal tried to help out wherever someone was needed.  I believe amongst all the go-go-go, our club worked
  and played hard and when they look back on it I think everyone had a great experience and learned a lot.

I for one will never forget my 1st Vault Summit.  It was amazing being in the presence of so many great vaulters who
  Iíve watched in videos over the years.  They were very approachable and accommodating to all the fans and thatís what
  makes vaulters special.  Everyone helping everyone, even their own competitors.  Itís all about the bar. I believe the Summit
  is a wonderful experience and I will take everything I learned and experienced in Reno and utilize it to make me the best vault
  coach possible.

Thanks to the Pure Sky Staff for making this dream become a reality.


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