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This page is a work in progress.  Please be patient
as I will be adding pictures as I get them.
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Some of the Pure Sky Club Girls got to meet the man
they all wanted to see at Summit:
Toby Stevenson

Girls 5 Lefts Competition Winners

Left to Right: 1st Place - Ashley;  2nd Place - Emily;  3rd Place - Stephanie;  4th Place - Taryn

Boys 5 Lefts Competition Winners
Left to Right: 1st Place - Jose;  2nd Place - Mike;  3rd Place - Bryan;  4th Place - Trevor

Click here for full Results



Mt. SAC's Jordan Savidge clears 17' 3/4" on his way to the state pole vault title.
(photo, courtesy of Gary Gaudet)

Congratulations Jordan!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2007 Great Southwest Track Classic

                       Team Nevada Girls             Emily & Jenna             Pure Sky Coaches                          

                Pure Sky Athletes                    Jose Olague up & over 13' 7"                          Ben Azua                       
    that competed                                                                                             over 12' 8"        

             Ben again                                                                 Club kids ready to go home


On the trip home just off interstate 40
I thought we saw dinosaurs....


2007 Southern Nevada
All Stars Competition

        Coach Tilley & Top 3 Guys                 Shannon, DeVita, & Emily                 

        Southern Nevada Vaulters                                          Our DJ, Hector Garcia                        
headed to New Mexico for                                                                                            
the Great Southwest Track Classic                                                                                        

       Stephanie is the winner    DeVita gets Coaching    Shannon up & Over 9'     Stephanie makes 8'
           of the big raffle,               advice in stereo                                                 on her first attempt 

       Our NIAA Official             The fans showing
          Paul Blackard                    their support!
   calling up the next vaulter



State Meet 5/18/2007

State Champions

 Alexa Anderson - Spanish Springs              Cameron Kroll - Reno                 

Alicia Echevarria - Lowery       Bill Storrs - Dayton     

               Kristyna Fong - Meadows     Kip Syme - White Pine              

      Kylee Gleason - Smith Valley   Tim Nelson - Smith Valley       

4A Awards

    Girls                               Boys     

More Pics...

     Kipp Syme - White Pine          2A Boys                  Kroll over 17'             


Some Pictures from Regionals:

              Sunset Region                        Sunrise Region           
Shannon Hamman                                                    Emily Kashka                                 

                                                              My apologies to Mike Purdy!
    Jose Olague                                                                 Our cameraman didn't show
                                                                                           up until 4:30! We will get some
                                                                                              pictures of you at the All Stars Meet!

Sunrise Guys


Club Kids 5-7-07



Some Pictures from the Hilltopper Meet @ Foothill H.S.





The Hilltopper Invitational Champs!


Coach Tilley doing his rendition
of Funny Bunny with 12 orange
wedges in his mouth