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Here are just a few of the testimonials we have
received from parents of our athletes:



                     Danny & Brendan Corrigan

In 2002 0ur sons Danny and Brendan began their pole vaulting careers as a high school sophomore and freshman respectively with Robert Tilley as their coach. Their high school careers were filled with many track and stadium records, highlighted with Danny becoming the Nevada State Pole Vault Champion in 2004, and Brendan taking 2nd place in the same event one year later. During the Track & Field off seasons, Robert Tilley and his Pure Sky Vault Club have continued to train and teach our sons for their college pole vaulting careers. Danny competed at the University of Southern California and Brendan competed at the University of Arizona. Both reached the collegiate level competing at Pac Ten Conference and Regional Championship meets. Coach Robert Tilley and his Pure Sky Vault organization have been responsible for the athletic success of our sons by providing the extra time and dedication for their success on the track and in life. Even after college, Danny and Brendan continue to participate with Pure Sky Vault Club by continuous training and assisting Coach Tilley with his young athletes. Mary Pat and I would like to thank Coach Tilley and his staff for their seven plus years in teaching our sons and all of the other pole vaulting athletes in Southern Nevada. We highly recommend this organization to any athlete pursuing the individual training  and dedication you will receive from Pure Sky Vault Club.

          Dan and Mary Pat Corrigan.


                                   Bryan Artmann

When our son, Bryan Artmann, was a freshman in high school and looking for a spring sport to compete in, I recommended that he try pole vaulting.  I knew that Green Valley H.S. had the finest Pole Vaulting coach in Nevada. Coach Robert Tilley, and his fellow coaches at Pure Sky Vaulting then spent the next four years proving me correct. Bryan's accomplishments both locally and at the state level are a direct reflection of the high level of coaching that he received from these coaches."

          Mark Artmann







                                Alex Dillon

"Pure Sky Vaulting took a sincere interest in our sons desire to improve his vaulting ability. The skills of the trainers taught our son better technique which lead to his 3A State title. There was not only an improvement in his technique but also an increase of over 12 inches in a single year of training. He now vaults for a Division 1 University. Our deepest thanks to the training  staff of Pure Sky Vaulting"
           Alex & Kymberly Dillon





                                                 Jordan Sala

Words can not really express how much having you as a coach has impacted Jordanís pole vault career and Jordanís life in general. When Jordan came to Green Valley High School a little over four years ago, she came with an open mind to look at a variety of clubs, sports and academics. She had been on the Greenspun dance team and cheerleading teams and had just received her black belt in taekwondo. She was looking for something new. She had no track experience at all, but thought she might like to try something on track.  She came out for intramurals her freshman year and realized.....(more)

                              Susan & Jim Sala
                              Parents of Jordan Sala



Trevor Varwig

Trevor Varwig - Freshman Year

Trevor Varwig - Senior Year 14' 6"
Sunrise Regional Champ 2008

My son Trevor started pole vaulting his first year of high school.  He came home with a track release form  called the "Death Waiver".  Knowing my son loves a challenge, excitement and has the need for an adrenaline rush,  I knew he would require some expert coaching. His incredible Coach, Russ Kashka, encouraged him to attend Pure Sky Vaulting, a professionally run club, founded by  Coach Tilley,  whose love for vaulting and the kids, is clear from day one. This club is a rare jewel created for vaulters and teaching students the safe way to vault.  I watched my son barely make 6 ft, choppy & sloppy  form, to a young man who  cleared 14'6" The club is run efficiently, and these kids are put through conditioning similar to a boot camp. Your sons or daughters have an amazing opportunity if they are so fortunate to become members of this club. A vaulting pit, pull-up bar, poles, and coaches that spend hours improving your child's ability to compete and be successful at vaulting are all included.  This is as important as music lessons, or math tutoring if your son or daughter wants a competitive edge for pole vaulting.  It also helps a parent feel a bit less trepidation in signing the "Death Waiver."

With gratitude for this club,

Kerry Varwig