He was the greatest ever in his sport, winning six world championships, setting 35 indoor and outdoor world records and becoming the first man to clear 20 feet. Bubka burst onto the scene as a 19 year-old phenom and dominated pole-vaulting well into his 30s.

So how did he become great?

"The strategy of my coach and me was that we looked at pictures of all the best pole vaulters from around the world, and we took the best parts from them, and we created a person that had never existed," Bubka once explained. "We then started to work toward being such a person."

Vaulting is as much a mental sport as a physical one. "It is not enough to be strong, you must work with your mind and be a clever person who can calculate," he explained. "It's like having a small computer in your head."

Sergei Bubka dominated the world
of pole vaulting for more than a decade.,,433212,00.html
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